Brief History of Time

A long time ago I worked on Unix and databases and big computer things at a big company. I learned a lot about customers, products, process, and the weight of a salad sandwich in the cafeteria. Then for a time, I was privileged to work for one of Silicon Valley's true gems, a startup called Lucid. (maybe you have used XEmacs), where I worked with the smartest, most eclectic bunch of people ever. Then for a while I worked at Kaleida Labs, where I learned that joint ventures never, ever work, no matter how cool the stuff you are making. Then for what seemed a lifetime of the best and the worst, I x helped change the world at Netscape. For a while there at AvantGo, I was making some pretty fun software for all kinds of different handheld gadgets, and we built a pretty good company along the way. Then at Danger, we made a really cool little gadget - the first smart phone that deserved the moniker. At Sentilla we made the World's Smallest Java Computer, a networked app powerhouse, the size of coin. At NOOK Media, I led the team making digital reading Apps for NOOK brand tablets and readers, and for your iOS, Android and Windows 8 gadgets. At Detour, I worked with an incredibly creative group of audio journalists, producers, audio engineers and fellow geeks to build 120 beautiful, immersive, location aware audio tours around the world. Now at Descript, we've taken the audio production tool I started at Detour and turned it into the world's first text based media editor. And when I have time, I'm (still) working on something new to help people get closer to their dream of flying.

You may have used one of the products I've worked on: HPtoday, ALLBASE/4GL, ALLBASE/QUERY, ftio; Lucid Energize, Lucid Emacs, XEmacs; Kaleida ScriptX; Netscape Navigator, Communicator; AvantGo Browser, AvantGo M-Business Server; Danger Hiptop (T-Mobile Sidekick); Sentilla Perk Kit, Dev Kit, Energy Manager; NOOK Simple Touch, Glowlight, Color, Tablet, HD and HD+; NOOK for Android, iOS, and Windows 8. Detour location based immersive audio walks; Descript audio word processor. If you have, I hope you enjoyed it.


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